Installing Toilet on Basement Rough-in
Posted by Marvin on August 08, 2001 at 09:29:46:
When they built our 1986 home, they installed a rough-in for a toilet in our basement. I am planning on installing a toilet and have done plumbing projects but never specifically one like this.

The rough-in for the waste pipe is black iron and sticks out of the concrete about 6 inches. We were not planning on putting any flooring down. I am assuming I need to cut the pipe off to install the toilet mounting flange.

It the "chain-type" cast iron pipe cutter the best way of doing this (I would have to rent one), or is there a better alternative? I am assuming also that I have to cut it down to the floor level. Is that correct?

Also, since the toilet will actually be resting on the floor, do I have to actually seat the flange so that the top of it is flush with the concrete floor (in other words break through the floor to seat the flange)? Or can I just set the bottom of the flange on the concrete? Or should I just mount plywood on top of the floor so that the flange is flush with it.

Thanks of your help!

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