Price Pfister 2 valve tub installation w/Marquis handles
Posted by Steve O. on August 08, 2001 at 01:34:50:
We have the lovely vintage 1977 PF tub installation w/S10-375 hot and cold valves and Marquis knobs. My wife wants to replace the knobs with something in a brushed nickel finish. I have been forbidden to replace the knobs with anything in acrylic or chrome!! In order to do that, I will have to replace the valves also, at least to one with a shorter stem. 1) Does PF make a ceramic disk valve that would replace the S10-375 (w/washer and seat) in a newer faucet. 2) If so, will ANY new PF handle combination fit if the stem length is OK. My current installation has the S10-375 installed so that the stem seal nut is slightly above the level of the tile surface (but hidden by the escutcheon under the Marquis handle). 3) If PF does not make a replacement valve, does anyone else?

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