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Posted by hj on August 07, 2001 at 09:19:10:
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It is probably a do-it-yourself installation and the step up was so they would not have to break the floor to connect the toilet pipe.

: Hi,

: My husband and I own an 80+ year-old bungalow with a finished basement. Previous owners finished the basement about 15 years ago (I'm guessing). They installed a basement bathroom which is our main bathroom now since it is the only bathroom with a shower. The bathroom is small and ugly...with a shower stall up against the wall, in the center of the bathroom (rectangular room). The toilet is at the end of the room...but you have to climb two steps to get at it. In other words, it's a bit pun intended.

: The whole bathroom is a nightmare, but my husband and I are most mystified by the step-up toilet arrangement. If anyone can explain this to us, we would be most grateful. Is there an alternative to this setup? I would be happy to send digital photos of what I am trying to explain.

: Thanks so much -- sorry to go on and on. :)

: Cheers,
: Kari

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