Re: Elec. on demand hot water
Posted by rick Anthony on August 04, 2001 at 13:32:47:
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My experience is limited - one, about 20 years ago. I am going to install up to 5 in this house (built 1959). The house is slab-built, and I have to repipe. Think about THAT! I recently had to chop through the slab to reach a pipe that was leaking. I am dissatisfied with 'the fix', because I know it cannot last another five years, and the observed thinness of the pipe testifies the rest of the pipe under there will go soon. I love on demand units, but in my case must go electric. Nowadays that means 240 to each unit. The one I have used was 120. I am pursuing alternatives to under-slab piping. About insulating the pipes 'down there': Are you sure you want to? There can be advantages to not doing so. The heat-sink surrounding them stores their warmth, because heat migration through concrete is slow. Similar principle to why adobe houses stay cool in summer warm in winter.

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