Re: 3-valve shower diverter not fully diverting
Posted by Elaine on August 04, 2001 at 09:43:14:
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: Hi!
: My turn-handle shower diverter is letting way too much water out the tub spout during a shower. I removed the diverter and replaced the green washer that was broken (with a white one similar to what is on new diverters).
: But the water still pours down the drain. A plumbing shop said my diverter is good, and that I must have something stuck inside the wall pipe. I cleaned the threads and even let water rush out the opening to flush it clean.
: In case it helps, my diverter is a Price Pfister model # 3221. When the black-washer-rod is extended, it blocks the hole leading to the shower pipe and water gushes out the spout - good. When it is pulled back, it should make a seal with the white washer, but doesn't seem to do that inside the wall - very bad.

: Any ideas?! Suggestions?
: Please help! I have relatives coming soon.
: Thanks!

Do you know if when the valve was installed, the piping was soldered to the male adapters when already screwed into the valve? This damages internal parts. (Hope that didn't happen!)
It doesn't help now in your case, but for reference the adapters must be soldered to the pipe first and allowed to cool, then screwed into the valve. Of course if its a PVC installation there's another problem. Good luck.

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