Shower base installation problem.....
Posted by Jim on August 03, 2001 at 18:34:26:
I recently tried to install a Swirlway 34x48 acrylic shower base by installing it in a bed of mortar. Unfortunately,
the mortar is not in contact with the bottom of the shower base in some areas. The base moves about 1/32"
when you stand on it and has a rather unpleasant feeling to it. I do not have access to any side except the front, but have access to the
underneath side of the shower area. Does any one have any suggestions how I might be able to fill the
unsupported areas and which compounds would flow into those areas?

Note that I have thought of void filler or some other type of foam, but am afraid that the foam will break down over
the years and I will need to repair the base again. I was hoping for a more permanent solution.

Thanks for you help in advance,


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