3-valve shower diverter not fully diverting
Posted by Jennifer on August 03, 2001 at 17:47:50:
My turn-handle shower diverter is letting way too much water out the tub spout during a shower. I removed the diverter and replaced the green washer that was broken (with a white one similar to what is on new diverters).
But the water still pours down the drain. A plumbing shop said my diverter is good, and that I must have something stuck inside the wall pipe. I cleaned the threads and even let water rush out the opening to flush it clean.
In case it helps, my diverter is a Price Pfister model # 3221. When the black-washer-rod is extended, it blocks the hole leading to the shower pipe and water gushes out the spout - good. When it is pulled back, it should make a seal with the white washer, but doesn't seem to do that inside the wall - very bad.

Any ideas?! Suggestions?
Please help! I have relatives coming soon.

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