Replacing Vintage Sink Drain (OLD)
Posted by Richard Diamond on August 03, 2001 at 13:45:53:
Hi! I will be installing new faucets on a very old pedestal bathroom sink. In the center on the top is a white porcelain knob which activates the drain with a fork-like extension. This assembly isn't tight and i think it may be best to replace it also. However the drain assembly is locked in a loose condition, if i turn the drain pipe from the bottom of the sink the extension inside the bowl turns also, so how the heck does one unscrew it? Does it unscrew? Also, this old pedestal sink is made for separate hot and cold faucets which each have individual spouts. I would like to install left and right water control lever's with the spout in the center which would thus have to be mounted over or behind the sink, any comments?

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