Temp & Pressure Relief Valve
Posted by Sean on August 02, 2001 at 13:43:31:
I recently performed a safety inspection on a home and found the water heater set up in a very unique way. The water heater is a gas type. Brand name is Rheem. From the gas main, the gas line connects to Temp & Pressure Relief Valve. The valve body is "T" shaped. A gas line goes in on one side and another comes out on the other side and continues to the lower portion of the heater and connects to the control regulator. The bottom end of the valve body is connected to the water heater. In addition there is some type of a valve stem that rises out of the top of the valve body. It appears to me that if that TPR Valve releases it would blow hot water into the gas line and make it's way to that control regulator. If so what could happen? I spoke with 5 different plumbers and 4 of them said it should not be hooked up that way and the gas line should go directly to the gas control regulator on the water heater and the TPR Valve should only have a discharge line attached to it to route the water to be drained. The other plumber said that it is a fairly new feature that many other plumbers are unaware of. He said that TPR Valve, If it is the right kind, it is designed to shut off the gas flow only and not discharge any water or relieve any pressure. Is there such a feature and is it approved for use in California?
Please let me know whats going on here. Thank you

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