Gasoline-ish Smell in my House
Posted by Annie on August 01, 2001 at 16:43:34:
I stumbled on this message board and am desperate for any kind of solution to my problem. Hopefully someone will have sound advice for me.

Two months ago, I came home from work walked in the door and was almost knocked over by an odor of gasoline. The air conditioner had been on all day. I quickly opened the windows and turned the air off. I started searching for where this smell could be coming from, but it was only in my living room and only when the air was on. My house is a one story detached flat roof twin built in 1957 - one air duct system, central air (8 years old). The smell is not constant, and it is not in every room. The only constant had been the "gasoline" smell in the living room with the air on. To date, I've had the air conditioning people in (system is fine), the gas company found a small leak and shut my gas off until a plumber fixed it, but no one can find the source of the gas smell.

Living with this for almost two months, the smell has moved from the living room to the middle of the house. I walked in the house on Monday - the air was not on - and it was back in the living room.

It's been suggested it was my lawnmower - but logic would tell me the smell would be in the vicinity of my garage which is directly below my bedroom. There is no gas smell in my bedroom at all. The garage is at the opposite end from my living room.

I've searched my living room for anything that would emit a gasoline smell and the closest I got was nailpolish - which was removed from the room. The smell continues. What I find to be the most confusing is why this smell is not throughout the house. I'm talking 875 square feet not including the basement (which is directly below the living room, same air ducts, but NO smell).

I will accept any thoughts on this. I'm at a total loss of what to do next.

Thank you all in advance.

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