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Posted by cm on July 31, 2001 at 19:53:40:
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Try using a rotary tool (ie Dremel) with a carbide grinding drum. The key here is to go slowly (let the tool's speed do the work, don't apply pressure) and work around the edge of the hole from the inside. You want to avoid excessive heating, as this may discolor the porcelain finish. Pause periodically to let the sink surface and the grinder cool down.

: hi,

: I have a kitchen sink with a 1/2" hole in it. The hole is supposed to be there; the original owner of the house had a filtered water fountain that came up through it. I want to put a dish soap dispenser where the hole is, but the hole is too small for the soap dispenser. I need to get the hole about 3/4 to 1" diameter. The sink is cast iron with some kind of coating (I don't know what the coating is called, but it's the same coating that most kitchen and bathroom sinks have...).

: I bought a little $2 grinding bit for my drill that was about 5/8 in diameter. I put most of my weight on it using my drill and went straight through. It took a long time and it really heated up the area around the hole. When I got through, I tilted the bit to see if I could grind it down a little like that, but the bit shattered and soon as I put any pressure on it...

: Does anyone have any idea how I can make this hole bigger? I don't want to destroy the finish around hole, but I really hate having a hole just sitting there...

: Thanks,
: John

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