Re: Noisy Pipes ... Problem fixed!
Posted by Brian Bakken on July 30, 2001 at 10:39:34:
In response to Re: Noisy Pipes ... Problem fixed!
The confusing part of this noise was that it happened with either the hot or the cold. Until the problem was discovered.

My had put an outside hose back in its place leaving the valve open but the shut off at the end of the hose off. Every time water was used, the pressure in the pipe to the outside was reduced. When the inside valves were shut, the pressure increased and the anti-freeze valve to the host would leak a tiny bit (as it is designed to do) which would cause the vibration.

The vibration sound followed the pipe back into the house and was passed on to the hot and cold pipes because of a common brace they had been attached to!

Of course none of this was found out before I had opened up a wall to take a look!

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