Re: Tub drains into kitchen via the light in the ceiling
Posted by Isaac on July 28, 2001 at 16:30:53:
In response to Re: Tub drains into kitchen via the light in the ceiling
The hair clog was so bad that the drano didn't travel down the pipe and it ate through. It was an old plumbing system that had been jury-rigged at some point. I removed the broken part and the drain overflow piece. I had to buy a 1.5 inch ID pipe and saw it to the right length. I also had to get a 1.5 inch union and a pressure fitting and some pipe dope. The pressure fitting was a very strange size, between one-and-a-quarter inch and one-and-a-half inch, and I couldn't find the right size, so I had to use the old one which was questionable, but I couldn't get a rubber washer the same size so I had to silicone it...shameful. It was a real pain in the ass but my friendly hillbilly neighbor helped me rip it apart and put it back together...but all the water leakage caused a hole in the cieling which I still have to repair. I have no experience at all doing this but it wasn't too bad. Except the union extended the pipe about an inch and that caused some more trouble...but I got it done. Thank you Annie, and you too Terry for having this site. I'm just glad I didn't have to pay a plumber 100 dollars an hour or some crazy amount like that.

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