Pulling a submersible pump
Posted by Joseph Harvard on July 27, 2001 at 11:52:33:
I have a dead Hays submersible pump and the well drilling company can not pull it for another two days. I called all the rental places and no one has a rig to pull the pump. I can build a wooden scaffold about 20feet high to rig a block and tackle to pull the Schedule 80 rigid PVC drop pipe out. Do I cut the pipe every 30-40 feet or so as I pull it out and then glue it back together after I have replaced the pump. Is this how the pros do it? I've seen the rigs on their pickups and they do not look long enough to pull 210 feet of pipe out of the ground? We have had no water for three days, the sink is full of dishes our toilets are well very full. I am motivated.

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