Noisy Pipes ... but not a hammering
Posted by Brian Bakken on July 26, 2001 at 21:34:24:
Our house is 7 years old. Last week the pipes started making a noise when ever the water is shut off, and I mean from ANY water source in the house. Doesn't matter if it is the toilet just finishing the fill, hot/cold water facets, even filling a glass from the water in the fridge.

The noise is not a hammering but rather something that sounds like you are sliding the pipe through a plastic bracket and it is rubbing the whole way. It lasts for not more than 1/2 sec, but can be heard throughout the house. It sounds like it is coming from within a wall in our laundry room where the main hot/cold pipes come up from the basement. The wall is finished but the ceiling is open.

I don't feel the pipe moving at all (I can grab both H/C pipes where they come out of the top of the wall) but it feels like the hot water pipe does vibrate the most when I hear the noise.

I'm baffled because it came on so suddenly! Help!

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