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Posted by hj on July 26, 2001 at 09:13:26:
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From your description, it appears that the toilet, tub, and wash basin can be connected together with one vent out the roof. The kitchen sink is far enough away that it may require its own vent, depending on the configuration and whether it can be vented back to the bathroom vent.

: Basically, I have one small bathroom, it is 11' by six '. The tub, commode, sink will all be
: in a straigt line. The kitchen sink will be about ten feet from
: the bath tub. The entire kitchen and bathroom area is 11 by 22, there is
: a hall way in the middle of the 22 foot section. :


: The number of vents you need is dependent on where the sinks and toilets are located relative to each other. We cannot tell you the total without that information. You could need just one vent or you could need five.

: : : I am building a small cabin in Pennsylvania that inlcudes a well and septic system.
: : : I am about to put on the roof and need to know just how many plumbing vents I need.
: : : I will have a kitchen sink, tub, toilet, and bathroom sink. I know I need at lteast one vent, but how close does it have to be to the fixtures I'm venting.
: : : Do I need other vents as well?

: : : Thanks,

: : : Jerry

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