shower installation
Posted by Mark on July 25, 2001 at 10:22:38:
We have taken our bathroom out to the studs, and are going to install a new shower, toilet, sink, etc.
We are concerned because our earlier shower, a fiberglass unit, was never right. It was installed with the sheetrock over the lip of the base, which I have read is correct, but which doesn't make much sense to me, since it resulted in the green board behind it getting mildewed and rotting, and resulted in leaks, ruining the ceiling below.

We have thought about tiling and putting a mortar bed in, and also about installing another fiberglass 2 piece unit.

1) Is either the mortar/tile or fiberglass unit clearly better in terms of reliability for leaks?

2) In installing a fiberglass base/wall type unit, should the greenboard (or wonderboard) be installed between the base and the studs or over the lip on the base?


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