footed tub water supply woes
Posted by Heather on July 24, 2001 at 12:29:23:
I am redoing my bathroom in my older home. I made it through the problems with non-standard size water supply pipes, and managed to get shutoffs to tub, sink and toilet installed, along with new toilet and sink. Now I've run into a problem I am unsure how to resolve.

I was reinstalling the tub (which I took out to redo the flooring) and ran into a problem. The water supply pipes are flared where they enter the faucet assembly, but the nut that connects the supply pipe to the faucet can actually be pulled off the flare - so it seems to me that either that hole is too large or the flare isn't flared enough.

This nut (which connects to the inch threads to the faucets) had been packed with a bunch of stuff - not regular string packing, but some stuff that looks like horsehair, and other stuff that looks like small diameter braided rope. No rubber gasket. It was not leaking prior to this, but showed evidence of past leakage (lots of mineral buildup in dripping pattern down the pipe.)

I took the supply pipe to a locally owned plumbing shop specializing in help for "do-it-yourselfers" and they told me to take out the stuff it was packed with, and replace it with no more than 2 wraps of stem packing.

This does not work. There is no seal, and when I turn the water on water sprays - not drips - out the back.

Shall I try to find a rubber gasket to fit? Should I try to flare the supply pipe more? Is there any possibility of getting flexible supply hose to fit and using it instead of the chromed copper ones (you can't really see them, so it wouldn't bother me appearance-wise.)? Any suggestions would be greatly, greatly, greatly appreciated.

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