Re: can't figure this toilet out?????
Posted by Dino on July 24, 2001 at 09:51:30:
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Tim, what your dealing with is something known as Demonicus Receptacalus. There's quite a bit of
info concerning this phenomenon available over the net. From my reading and learning on the subject I would say someone had to of died on
the toilet in question. It is well documented
and even part of the Graceland tour info that
these occurences take place in the bathroom that
Elvis died in. Removal of the toilet and all waste piping atleast to the closest vent pipe
has helped in the past. In extreme cases demons have taken up residence in the septic tank neccessating their removal. Most people do not like to talk about or acknowledge any of this.
Thanks for being brave and coming forward.

: Tim...its happened to me as well...its started
: innocent enough..first a slight tickling sensation
: then...after a few weeks..the growling. I haven't had any overflows but haven't seen anything that came out me in months. I feel ok though..a little
: dizzy at times but then again I am 87 and the
: company is ok..even its from a demonic toilet.

: teresa
: : My wife and I recently purchased an old Victorian
: : house in Michigan. In the first week the toilet overflowed 5 times, made what I can best describe as a "growling noise" and will not let me see what I "deposited". I know something is coming out of me..but
: : when I stand up and look( old habit..sorry) Its gone.
: : My wife has not experienced any of this. I have to drive 5 minutes away just to experience a peaceful bowl movement. Have you ever heard of a growling toilet
: : that steals yer waste before you flush ? The toilet looks to be atleast 40 years old. Please help...
: : Haunted in Michigan

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