Toilet Paper/Setting the water at the "sweet spot"
Posted by Debra on July 20, 2001 at 16:11:14:
A solution: I found a partial solution to the clogging problem I have with my two new American Standard Cadets. Use the thin, cheap kind of toilet paper. Avoid the soft kind.

A question: Also, on another bulletin a person said that there is a "sweet spot" for the water setting on the low-flow toilets. They have to be set just right to work well. If you try to set the water level to be higher than 1.6, thinking it will help, you are actually making it worse.

My construction plumber did tell me that he set my toilets as high as he could, thinking it would help. He thinks it's about 2 gallons. I get a double flush with one of the toilets. Do you think if they were set at 1.6 where they are supposed to be, they would work better?

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