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Posted by John Bridge on July 19, 2001 at 20:15:49:
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: : : I don't understand where to begin in building steps. How do you figure out how many steps you need. I have measured the distance from the ceiling to the floor at an angle it is 10' 5". Where do I go from here?

: : : Thanks.

: :
: : Rachel, I gotta think you're on the wrong board.

: : Anyway, you have to know the height (straight up) and the run (horizontal distance between the first step and the last).

: : John

: Rachel, I would suggest you buy a book on basic stairbuilding, essentially, you measure from floor to top of floor and this is straight up and down, not on an angle, the book has a calculation for determining tread and riser sizes, be sure no matter what, that the stairs are code or at least very close, or if its not possible then put te stairs elsewhere,,,I didn't head this advise and now I curse the damn steps everyday becuase their too small the treads are less than 8 inches, should be around 10 inches, also check your local codes. My house is 1890's and essentially I just put the stairs back where they were anyway but they stink, too steep, also a local lumberyard can help you out by cutting the stringers for the steps for you...but they will only cut code stringers....good luck

I have to say that before I became a tilesetter I was a union carpenter. I spent six months studying how to frame stairways in apprenticeship school. Rachel, you need a pro.


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