Re: Frozen Copper Pipes Under Deck
Posted by hj on July 19, 2001 at 20:08:41:
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You have to realize that regardless of the slope, a pipe will not drain unless air can enter it and also allow the water to exit. Opening a hose valve will not permit drainage because it will not allow air to enter the pipe.

: i installed a new faucet on my wood deck. about 20 ft. from the house. the 1/2" copper line comes out of the crawl space, through the rim joist, then a 90 degree L drops about 2 ft. to another L, then the 20 ft. run to the hose bib. i thought i had enough slope to allow the line to drain. last fall i turned off the line, 10 ft. inside from the rim joist, and left the hose bib open. but the bottom L must of had some water left in it, because it burst over the winter (michigan). i am ready to put the decking on and i won't have future access to the line itself, just the hose bib and the shut off in the crawl space.
: i need a permanent solution PLEASE. not heat tape or anything electrical.

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