Re: Sewer smell coming in through vents
Posted by Chuck on July 18, 2001 at 21:45:59:
In response to Re: Sewer smell coming in through vents
Your vents are causing the foul outside air to be
sucked into you house. They're probably working like a whole house fan. Just a guess. Where I live they have pump stations at various locations and they do give off oder.

: I've recently installed a couple of power exhaust attic vents in my home. A day afterwards, our bedroom was engulfed with a strong sewer smell. The opening up to the attic is in our closet so it looks like sewer gas is being sucked into the attic and then settles down in through the closet. I've turned off the power vents, but we still get the smell because of the improved ventalation (2 new 14 inch holes) even without the fans running.

: The roof vents are already extended up about 36". Any ideas on how to get rid of the smell? The house is at the bottom of a hill, accross the street froma 'sewage pump house'. We've occasionally smelled a light odor in the past, but NEVER in the house. It's a ranch house w/a crawlspace, about 40 years old and is on city sewer.

: Thank you

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