Pressure switch beside tank
Posted by Trudy H on July 12, 2001 at 01:08:14:
For the past couple of days we have been having problems with the pressure switch cycling on and off. Our hot water tank is attached to our gas boiler - it is just a storage tank. We will hear a clicking noise on the hot water storage tank, and then if you look at the pressure switch, it cycles from 0 to 40 lbs, then goes back down to 0, all within the space of about 20 seconds, then turns on again. This happens for about an hour, then it stops and will later start again. Do we need a new pressure switch, or is this a symptom of the pump dying? My mother has her own pressure tank but uses our well pump. Her pressure has been fine - it doesn't go up and down. If you turn on the hot water at our house, it goes hot and cold, as the pressure switch cycles on and off constantly. What should we do?

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