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Posted by Chuck on July 11, 2001 at 20:58:32:
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On a normal bath setup, the pipe leading from the
drain connect with the overflow then into the trap. The drain runs sort of parallel with the bottom of the tub a short distance. Sometimes hair gets caught in the lever which activates the stopper. The simplest thing to do is unscrew the
overflow cover and check to see if hair is snagged on the mechanism. The plunger does very little if this is the case. This is assuming you have this type of tub.

: Hi there,

: I've noticed that the water never actually drains away from the pipe leading from my bathtub. Certainly, it can be a little slow to drain when I have a shower, but water goes down the plughole - the tub doesn't fill up or anything.

: The thing is, the water doesn't actually disappear to leave a clear pipe. Instead, a constant water level is maintained that stops just under the level of the plughole itself. Is this a blockage, or is it a sign that there is something inherently wrong with my plumbing? I gave the plughole a go with a plunger, resulting in a strong rotten egg smell. Another go with the plunger resulted in stagnant smelly water shooting out of the tap, which was running at the time. I thought the two pipes were unconnected! There is not normally a smell, and the water coming out of the tap is usually fine.

: Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

: Thanks,

: Martin

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