pump looses it's prime when bladder tank goes dry
Posted by Rick on July 11, 2001 at 19:53:15:

I have a convertable jet pump that works fine unless the tank gets empty. Then it seems to loose it's prime. However if I shut the pump off and remove the pressure gauge and turn on the pump, it immeditatly pumps water out the hole. ( I do not have to use any water to prime it) Then I shut it off replace the gauge, turn it back on on all is well. I acts like it gets a air bubble in the pump it self.

I have removed all the lines in the house, cleaned and re sealed them, cleaned the pump, changed the pump, checked the tank for air log and proper pressure. In fact I even lowered the pressure to 20 lbs in each tank with no change.

As long as the bladder tanks containes water everything works fine. My well is about 33 foot deep with a single feed line. Water in the area is no problem. I know this is a little deep for a jet pump but it had a regular smaller pump on it when I bought the house which worked fine but was somewhat slow

Any suggestions greatly appreciated


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