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Posted by hj on July 09, 2001 at 09:00:09:
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First spray WD-40 down the drain, liberally, several times over a period of a couple of days, then yank the mechanism up and down forcibly. It will either come loose or the mechanism will separate from the bucket. If that happens, then get a piece of brass brazing rod and bend a "V" in one end of it, and an "L" handle in the other end. Slide the "V" down the overflow and then pull it up to grab the bar in the bucket. Once you have caught it, use a hammer to tap up on the handle. All you have to do is move it a 1/16" of an inch and it will slide right out.

: We have 3 bathtubs in our 20 year old house that all have price-pfister drains with a toggle that opens and closes them. One of them is stuck open (we use a rubber stopper on that one), one is functioning normally, and one is stuck closed, which means we can't use that bathtub.

: I saw in a hardware store that they operate by raising and lowering a "bucket" across the drain pipe, so i tried unscrewing the overflow cover plate and pulling with all my strength to get that bucket loose. No luck. Any suggestions, short of having a plumber come in and replace the whole drain contraption?

: Thanks! (great site!)

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