Re: sillcock leaks a LOT
Posted by Terry Love on July 06, 2001 at 20:08:28:
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There are tools that will "clean" a valve seat.
10" is a ways to go though. It may be easier to replace the sillcock, if the end is already exposed. Terry

: I recently soldered the 1/2" copper pipe near the sillcock. After turning the faucet on and off, I realized it no longer seals when off. I replaced the washer but it still doesn't shut off. I believe I got it so hot that a part of the washer melted to the valve seat. OR the seat is plastic and distorted.

: Anyone ever heard of a plastic valve seat??

: Anyone know how I can clean melted plastic off of a metal seat that is 10" deep?

: Or should I replace the sillcock?

: Thanks, Shannon

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