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Posted by hj on July 06, 2001 at 09:43:17:
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The pump obviously has to be between the recirc pipe and the water heater. A check valve is absolutely necessary somewhere in the recirculating line. There are any number of suitable pumps. Grundfos has a chart that shows which pump is suitable depending on the length of the recirclating system and the pipe size. FOr service purposes, you should have the system organized like this. Circ pipe, ball valve, hose faucet into a tee, pump, check valve, ball valve. A timer is not necessary but will save energy and add to the life of the water heater.
: I'm plumbing a recirculation line coming back to the water heater from the longest leg of the hot water line. My questions are where do I put a recirculation pump (e.g., before the recirculation line connects to the hot water tank inlet), what size and type of pump (manufacture recommended), is a check valve after the pump and before the water heater necessary, timer necessary for the pump, ball valves before pump and after the check valve? Any information will help.

: Thanks

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