Re: need further advise on Caruso vs Drake Toilet
Posted by Terry Love on July 05, 2001 at 20:11:48:
In response to Re: need further advise on Caruso vs Drake Toilet

: Hi Terry,I am so frustrated with out current toilets, they plug up often. The builder installed Mansfield in our new home that is now 3 years old. They plug up all the time. I read through your comments below and it looks like Toto seems to be a good brand. I checked at a dealer near us and the price difference between the Carusoe and the Drake is $110. Is the Drake all that much better? Will the Carusoe be a big improvement over mansfield and solve my plugging problem? Don't they both still only pass a 2 inch ball?

I would imagine that the Causoe will work fine for you.
The extra money for the Drake does buy more performance though. I would try one Carusoe, and see how that works.
On passing a 2" ball; It's not so much whether it will as much as how well it will pass paper and, ahem....other solids.

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