oops, why did I even MESS with THAT!??
Posted by CHARITY on July 05, 2001 at 16:27:51:
Alright, I'm not very educated on ANY plumbing terms...so I'll just try and see what you people can get outta this. I was in a friends basement, fixing a broken window...and this pipe was in my way, one end was connected and the other was just there, loose. I was trying to work around it, holding it slightly outta my way, when it BROKE...and water just came from what appeared to be everywhere. So ok, the pipe was connected (obviously). I was able to search and find the valve that cut it off, but NOW...I have to figure out a way to cap off this pipe. It's cast iron. Can I approach it as if it were PVC and just cap it with that? Or am I going to have to put cast iron back on it? Will it work with a PVC cap? OH please help, when my friend gets back, she'll be a little upset, I'm sure.