Bath Fan Condensation
Posted by Chris B on July 05, 2001 at 09:02:02:
I have a townhouse with a second floor bath under a flat roof. There is only 8" between the ceiling
and roof deck. The original bath fan was vented into this insulation filled cavity and caused us many
mildew problems. I cut a hole in the roof and vented the van out. My problem is that now I get water
collecting in the venting pipe from condensation. Is there any solution to eliminate this constant
accumulation of water? Insulating the short run of inside pipe doesn't help as once the steam hits
the outside pipe, it condenses and falls back into the pipe in the ceiling? Can I do someything different
on the outside pipe or use different material to help cut down on condensation??? I have no choice
but vent about 2 feet out from the fan then straight up!

Someone please help? Anybody make an indoor vent/humidifier combo for a situation like this?


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