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Posted by Craig Barton on July 03, 2001 at 17:44:09:
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: Hi Terry. In trying to find a website for the Briggs co. I came across your site. I have a Briggs vacuity toilet which has failed. Again. The first one I had developed a leak(I think) in the inner plastic shell.Water filled the outer tank, so that's what I had to surmise anyway.This was well within the 2 year warranty,so I returned it and got a new tank. Stupid me. I should have just gotten a good old regular, $100 cheaper, style. But, the vacuity was touted as the best new idea to come along since toilets were developed, so I stuck with it. Now, my second one is doing the same thing.The bowl will not refill after flushing unless the'refill lever' is manually touched,and there is once again water in the outer tank.Of course, it is now 1 month past my warranty, so no help there. I cannot find the Briggs co. info anywhere.Have they gone out of business, or what? Is this a potentially health hazzard, with this water in the outer shell, or just an aggravation? Is this 'clean' water?I guess I'll live with it and just do the manual refill jog if its not unhealthy; I cannot afford to replace if I do not have to at this time. But I am angry, to say the least!I cannot even get a flashlight down the sidebetween the inner and outer shells to see what has happened.Do you know if this is an unhealthy situation? And do you know how I can find the Briggs company? If you have ANY info, I'm grateful. If not, thanks for letting me vent.No pun intended. Leslie Long

Brigg's website is:

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