Re: New toilet; sewer line clog
Posted by Terry Love on July 02, 2001 at 13:15:00:
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hj is right. 90's and 45's are installed in the line on a regular basis. The toilet will have a drainline carry of aprox 58'. If it doesn't push that far, then I would guess that something is wrong with the pipe somewhere. Often is is a root system where the pipe exits the buiding, or perhaps even farther out.

: Whether it is 90 or 45 degrees is immaterial. All new pipes are slicker than old ones regardless of the material. When he put the camera in the pipe, what did he see besides the 90 degree elbow. If it is a pipe problem, it should have shown up in the camera.

: : I was standing there when he had the camera down there but I appreciate your suggestions to be wary. I thought he said most turns these days are 45 degrees. Did his comments about ABS pipes being slicker and needing less water to push the waste (particularly toilet paper) down make sense to you? In any event, I'm trying to find the cause and can't ignore the obvious coincidence of it happening immediately after installation of the new toilet.

: : Isn't it possible that old systems were simply designed for more water? In our case, waste is clearing the toilet fine but obviously not clearing the drain leaving the house.

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