Re: Toilet Flange too high
Posted by Philip Hughes on July 01, 2001 at 23:13:23:
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Thanks. It is definately copper. Will I be able to solder the flange from the inside? The floor is finish and I don't want to rip it up.

: Buy a 3" solder on flange, cut the copper with a
: hack saw and solder the new flange on. One way to get the old flange off is to cut it in smaller parts with a sawsall then melt it off. This is assuming you have copper. Be careful because you'll need to get it hot to melt it off.

: : I have a closet flange that is too high. It is made of brass and is connected to a 3 inch copper drain. I am not sure how it is joined. Below the brass is a quarter inch of rough maetal. It might be lead. How was this done 40 years ago? What are my options for lowering the flange so a wax ring can be used. I have a finished ceiling below that I am trying to avioid removing. Right now there appears to be a slight clearance (less than a tenth of a inch) between the toilet and the flange. How much do I need for a standard wax ring. I know Oatey makes a plastic flange with a compression seal for 4 inch cast iron pipe. Does anyone know if such an animal exist for a 3" copper pipe. Any ideas how to lower the flange from the top?

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