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Posted by hj on July 01, 2001 at 18:14:17:
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The Price Pfister diverter is a double seated stem. If the seal at the wall surface makes its connection before the one inside the faucet, not at the seat, then you will get incomplete diversion. If the inside one makes contact first, you will get a leak at the wall joint. You have to try adding or removing washers or using Teflon tape to get both points to seal at the same time.

: Help! I've got a three handle Price-Pfister faucet in my tub. Lately, only about half the water is diverting from the faucet to the showe head. I replaced the diverter and the seat, and that seemed to help improve the flow a little. But the problem is still there. Any suggestions? I'm getting tired of burning my feet while I'm in the shower.

: Thanks

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