Why? Why? Why? (Drain Problem)
Posted by Kyle on June 30, 2001 at 09:26:29:
Great site, Terry! I learned a lot reading your advice. Unfortunately, I haven't seen a post similar to my problem.

I just replaced my kitchen sink and decided to replace my old pipes with new ones (pvc). The drain runs to an adjacent wall (not the wall where the sink is) and is approximately 2' long from the p-trap. The drain pipe is 2" in diameter and my p-trap is 1 1/4. With the advice from a friendly Home Depot employee, I have 2 reducers: one goes from the p-trap to a short pipe (1 1/4 -> 1 1/2) and one goes from the short pipe to the drain (1 1/2 -> 2). The reducers are the rubber kind that fits over the pipe and tightened with a screw driver.

Problem: Everything was working fine until last night when the water backed up all of a sudden. We have a strainer in the sink so I know nothing went down the drain to clog it up. No grease was dumped into the drain either. I drained the water from the bottom of the p-trap and tried again. Water drains fine for a minute or so and then backs up again (I think it's just filling up the empty pipe). The water does drain out eventually (REALLY SLOW) but does not make any "gluck" noise. I see 2 pipes on the roof (assuming they are drain vents) and one is right where the kitchen drain would be.

Why is my sink backing up all of a sudden and why is it draining so (excruciatingly) slowly?

Is it because (1) my pipe is too small; (2) drain pipe is too long; (3) not venting; or (4) possessed by evil spirits? (I'm assuming it's not a clog)

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