Re: Porcher toilets vs. Toto
Posted by Shayli on June 29, 2001 at 02:53:21:
In response to Re: Porcher toilets vs. Toto
: Any experience with the flush characteristics of the Porcher line? We like the Porcher Calla or Deco,
: which adhere to decor better. We have heard much good about the Toto Drake, but its looks are
: too contemporary. Can the Toto Provincial perform with the Drake?

My co. installs mostly toto toilets. The main thing is to be sure it says g-max or power gravity (don't confuse that with pressure flush)flush. The carlyle is a major pain to install, but after doing a few it gets easier, but it has an annoying drip that you can hear. We've never tried the standard gravity flush, but have had excellent luck with the upper two. One bad thing about the drake is the flapper needs to be rebuilt. It forms a hairline leak on a vast majority of them. We have had this problem so consistently, that we just rebuild all of them before we install them.
As far as the porcher line - - we recently installed the kimera residential wall-hung (the tank is in the wall) with great luck. It has a very powerful flush with (so far) no glitches. The directions aren't worth the paper their written on. The main downfall is that it needs to be installed on something very solid like tile or plywood.

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