Re: Anti-Siphon Faucets
Posted by hj on June 28, 2001 at 22:40:42:
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If it is a faucet, the antisiphon should not be under pressure unless the faucet is not shut off. If it is a backflow preventer then your pressure is much too high or you have the wrong BFP valve.

: Need help, after ten years an outdoor faucet blew the anti-siphon and lost all water pressure and the pipe inside the house really were making an awful sound. So called plumber, had new faucet install (2 months ago)and two night ago it did the same thing. Went to the plumbing supply place and bought replacement insides for the anti-siphon and replace worked fine last night, but tonight blew again. What is wrong? What can I do to fix? I'm really tired of spending money getting this fixed and it is not fixed. Would appreciate any information available to aleviate this problem. Thanks.

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