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Posted by hj on June 27, 2001 at 09:16:15:
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A hammer and chisel applied to both sides of the flange will remove it very quickly. Then a "clamp on" flange can be installed on the pipe after the old lead and oakum are removed from it.

: Hi,

: We just bought our first home. To our surprise, the toilet in the master bathroom leaked at the base when flushed.
: When the tile installers removed to toilet to lay tile underneath, they found that the cast iron flange is so badly rotted that it simply
: falls to pieces. I called a few plumbers but their quotes are outrageous.

: If I decide to take this project on how should I proceed? Should I cut out the existing cast iron flange a few inches from the floor's surface
: and then install an expanding PVC flange or just clean up the corroded iron at the surface of the floor and slide a PVC flange over the cast iron pipe.

: We have a terrazzo floor underneath the tile so I am not dealing with a wood floor. I would assume that I could just slide the PVC flange into place.

: What are your suggestions for making this a DIY project; should I even dare?

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