basement plumbing
Posted by Michael on June 25, 2001 at 23:02:10:
I am installing a bathroom in the basement. I have two questions.
Can I wet vent the tolet and shower to the basin. The tolet is only 5 feet away from the basin drain and the shower is 3 feet away. and the tolet is at the end going to the main drain (see below).

The builder of my house roughed plumb for a drain that I am connecting to. After removing the floor , I can see that the top of the 90 degree angle for the roughed drain is 8 inches below the basement floor. Some books I have read say I have to have an incline of 1/8 inch per foot and other say I need 1/4 per foot for the 3" drain. My question is this, when I connect to the roughed plumb drain that is below the floor, can I use a 90 degree angle or should I use something else. If I use the 90 degree angle, I think I have enough room. If I use two 45's it is too long and will not fit under the floor surface. Thank you so much in advance for any advice that you may offer.

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