Re: American Standard Vent Away toilet
Posted by Scott on June 25, 2001 at 09:02:33:
In response to Re: American Standard Vent Away toilet

: I just dismantled my 2 piece toilet and found a second passage from the tank to the bowl. Can anyone tell me what this is for? More importantly, the previous owner/installer used a piece of foam rubber and silicon sealer to seal the connection between tank and bowl. I cut through the silicon to remove the tank and now am wondering how to seal that connection. Are there parts that I might be missing? Any info or help would be appreciated.

First of all the "Vent away" was to reduce the odors in the bowl. As far as the seal between the tank & bowl it is just a foam gasket that requires no silicone or other caulk to seal it properly. Here is a picture of the flush valve that should be in the 2 piece toilet with the vent away.


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