leaky bathtub/shower single lever faucet
Posted by Betsy on June 25, 2001 at 01:14:10:
There is a constant drip from my single lever bathtub/shower faucet. The showerhead DOES NOT leak, only the bathtub spigot. The house is 12 years old. The showerhead is price-pfister model 2.5 GPM MAX A 112.18.1. There is no brand name identified on the single lever faucet itself. I got the outer plastic knob off and I didn't have the proper tools to go further. The plastic cartridge? has B 9287* written on it and two long US patent numbers that I didn't write down. I assume that replacing the cartridge and cleaning out all the hard deposits and slimy crud will stop this leaking. Any suggestions on what tools I need and where I can find a parts explosion picture of what I will be taking apart would be greatly appreciated. Betsy

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