Briggs Vacuity vs Am. Std. Cadet II pressure flush vs Toto DrakeCST 744EL
Posted by Clyde Awad on June 25, 2001 at 00:02:00:
Terry, I purchased a Briggs Vacuity El. bowl Drake toilet May 99. It has been a great toilet-quiet, full flush clean bowl, no double flushing. At the same time I purchased an Am. Std. Pressure Flush, Cadet II El. bowl.
This is the lousiest toilet we've ever had. It requires a double flush, leaves a dirty bowl- won't even flush a single sheet of paper if it is at the front of the bowl. I complained to Am. Std. & they after 6 months finally
acknowledged a problem & said they would replace it when the new model came out with a 3rd generation Flushmate Valve. Well after 2 years of trying to get the rep to return calls ( not even to the distributor )
We all gave up on this rotten company & my distributor replaced it with a Toto Drake El. Bowl Handicap model (which he had in stock). Well this is an excellant flushing toilet--quiet, clean bowl, single flush
, but i do have one complaint with it & am working with Toto USA to try to resolve it. When you depress the lever, you have to hold it until the bowl empties prior to releasing the lever, if you don't you get an
incomplete flush & the flapper closes with a loud bang. They sent a plastic piece to try to slow the flapper return, but this doesn't work. My Briggs you just depress the lever, walk away & the flush takes place
perfectly, complete & no bang or holding it required.
One other thing I've never heard mentioned with these pressure flushes- the bowl empties with such force that the bowl water sprays around-even droplets on your hand while it is on the lever. this has to be VERY
unsanitary. I've read that gravity feed toilets spray bacteria laden water around the room--these pressure flushers must be like the black plague. Would like your coments as you are the only one who gives
great reviews on tiolets. Thanks, C Awad