Re: Low Hot water pressure with new valve
Posted by tom on June 23, 2001 at 12:04:21:
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: I purchased and installed a new moen single handle tub and shower mixing valve part number L82383. I had to cut the pipes back and sweat the new valve to the copper pipes. I got the hole thing in and checked for leaks and water tested it and everything seemed to be OK. I had new tile installed and went went to put on the trim ring and handle and the hot water pressure was very weak. I followed the instructions for removeing and cleaning the cartridge but the problem did not go away.
: My question could the solder have gone into the piping system and is cloged the 1/2" copper pipe. The rest of the house pressure is great.
: Moen is sending me a new cartridge but Im worried that something with the pipeing behind the brand new tile is causing this problem.
: Any advise would be helpful.

: Thanks in advance,

: David

: IF it is the 1/2" copper pipe that is parchilly blocked can I fix it without ripping the wall apart?

Another follow up: I have the same probl;em with the same valve that I newly installed. Since my hot and cold 1/2" copper supply lines are new, I don't think it is a supply problem. In a good installation, there should be access to the back of the shower wall at the valve manifold. If not, it is often easier to cut into the back wall (sheetrock) rather then removing tile from the shower wall. I don't know what the problem with these Moen valves are yet. I have been experimenting with the hot water control limit ring accessable from the front of the cartrige...but so far I haven't been successful with increasing hot water flow. I would be interested in finding out what you learn from this.

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