cracked sewer pipe
Posted by jeff on June 21, 2001 at 17:43:27:
help!!!i have just come into owning a rental property and noticed water in the outside access to the i filled a bath tub with soapy water and the drained it.sure enough a short time later i had soapy water coming in through a small crack in the foundation.i dont know what the pipe is made of and the records at town hall can only tell me it is about 35 years old.the pipe in the basement is cast with a pvc coupling.what is the best material to replace it with?i am only looking to repair what is damaged and not the entire line as there are no other problems.trees also dont appear to be an issue as there arent any within 50 feet.can anyone help me and direct me to where i can get more info if needed.thanx in advance for your time!!!!

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