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Posted by More on June 20, 2001 at 01:24:51:
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The reason a LICENSED plumber is used for good work is because of the experience they bring to your job. Gate valves and ball valves both have heat sensitivity to the temperature that it takes to sweat copper leak tight joints. Trades people who are sensitive to the amount of hets an inexperienced fitter will apply to the joint sometimes use what is called a heat sink. The heat sink connects on the valve and wicks away the heat from the valve body while allowing adequate temperature for the good sweat joint. Contact a LICENSED plumber for good fitting non leak valves.

: what are the requirements for sweating shut off valves? should you remove the insides or keep it
: in the open position? What to do on gate, ball and washer valves?

: Thanks in advance ...

: Raul

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