Re: T&P relief valve GREAT LOVE INFO HUH?
Posted by More on June 20, 2001 at 01:12:47:
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If the waterheater is new, contact the sales department and ask them if the manufacturer will allow you to use the 150 psi Temperature Pressure relief valve. If not, ask them for the 75/210 valve.

The T&P valve is for your protection in the event the water gets too hot or pressure builds too high- work shop or not - high usage or not. The T&P valve is for your protection and for the protection of your children and loved ones that may be nearby. If the heater you bought isn't manufactured strong enough for the 150 psi/210 valve, and you install one anyway, you're creating a safety hazard.

: I just found this board, and I hope it will be as useful as the woodworking boards I use. Recently I got an instant water heater, a JC1 Model JCE55. The installation book states a T&P value set at 75 psi and 210 degrees is required. I can not locate sure a valve. Std T&P, 150 psi/210F are everywhere. My net searching has found some similar units that do not require a T&P, but I believe these are new models and there may be some manufacturing and/or material differences that allow these new ones to operate safely without a valve. I will use this heater in my shop for washing up after shop or yard work, so it will not see heavy service. I plan to set the water temperature at a very low setting. Thanks for any help any one can give as to (a) is it really necessary and (b) if necessary, where can I obtain the critter.

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