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Posted by hj on June 19, 2001 at 19:00:29:
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Gastite and the other companies that make a similar product have decided that since the process of making the connections requires a certain level of expertise along with specialized equipment, they do not wish to have the liability of a do-it-yourselfer using tools that he considers good enough and then having the new system be defective if not dangerous. Therefore they will only sell it to plumbing contractors who have undergone a training session in the proper methods of installation and assembly. In most areas you cannot install gas lines unless you are licensed to do so. But since people consider that anyone can assemble pipes, and gas leaks cannot be seen, the required tests and inspections are not requested.

: That seems a little strange when most places you don't have to be a licensed plumber to run gas lines. I would try another store or email Gastite
: and find out why. Besides, if your working on your own residence you most likely don't need a license anyway. Check with your local building
: department.


: : I would like to install a gas fireplace. My gas line is located in the attic,the line will have to run about 50' by-passing heat duct along the way, then bend 90 degrees and enter a wall cavity. I have looked into a product called Gastite, but only a certified plumber can purchase it. So I hear that coiled copper can be used with flair fittings. Any advice or suggestions would be a help. Thanks.

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