T&P relief valve
Posted by Gary Swart on June 19, 2001 at 11:01:29:
I just found this board, and I hope it will be as useful as the woodworking boards I use. Recently I got an instant water heater, a JC1 Model JCE55. The installation book states a T&P value set at 75 psi and 210 degrees is required. I can not locate sure a valve. Std T&P, 150 psi/210F are everywhere. My net searching has found some similar units that do not require a T&P, but I believe these are new models and there may be some manufacturing and/or material differences that allow these new ones to operate safely without a valve. I will use this heater in my shop for washing up after shop or yard work, so it will not see heavy service. I plan to set the water temperature at a very low setting. Thanks for any help any one can give as to (a) is it really necessary and (b) if necessary, where can I obtain the critter.

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